Risto Siilasmaa
Risto Siilasmaa
Founder & Chairman WithSecure Corporations  and Ex-Chairman of NOKIA
NDTBS Speaker, Cristina Brinck
Christina Brinck
Investment Director at Volvo Group Venture Capital
NDTBS Speaker, Inka Mero
Inka Mero
Founder & Managing Partner of Voima Ventures
David Sonnek
CEO of Navigare Ventures
NDTBS 2022 Speaker, Peter Van Giessel
Peter Van Giessel
Investment Director of Shell Ventures
NDTBS SPEAKER, Pekka Laurila
Pekka Laurila
Chief Strategy Officer & Co-founder of ICEYE
NDTBS 2022 Speaker, Linda Krondahl
Linda Krondahl
CEO & Co-founder of THINGS
NDTBS SPEAKER, Patrik Sobocki
Patrik Sobocki
Investment Director of Industrifonden
NDTBS SPEAKER, Maria Persson Gulda
Maria Persson Gulda
CTO of H2 Green Steel
NDTBS speaker, Daria Saharova
Daria Saharova
Founding Partner at World Fund

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