NDTBS 2022 Speaker, Douglas Castro
NDTBS SPEAKER, Douglas Castro

Douglas Castro

Founder and CEO

Neural DSP Technologies

Douglas Castro is Founder and CEO of Neural DSP Technologies. Before founding Neural DSP, he founded and ran a bass hardware company – Darkglass Electronics. Darkglass is nowadays becoming a market leader in bass effects, amplifiers, and cabinets, known for maintaining very high standards when it comes to manufacturing quality, features, and design. Douglas sold Darkglass to Korg in May 2022.

At Darkglass he was not only the CEO but CTO and lead engineer. he has experienced executing at several levels: product architecting, schematic and layout design, mechanical engineering, manufacturing, and pretty much everything needed to go from idea to product in audio hardware.

Chilean-born Douglas Castro, a fanatic bass player, first came to Finland as an exchange student, drawn by his reverence for the great Finnish metal bands. Now permanently based in Helsinki, he has founded two globally successful companies and his favourite artists have become his fans.

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